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Soda for cleaning …

June 12, 2017

Soda for cleaning …


Soda saves soap as it readily removes grease from dishes, tinware, sinks, ovens etc….When added to dish water no soap is needed.


Soda with scouring powder cleans kitchen knives and tables.   It also polishes silver and tinware.


Added to warm water, soda cleans lamp chimneys.


Marble can be cleaned with soda and whitening.


The kitchen sink, laundry, bathing tubs and toilet can be kept sweet and clean with a generous use of soda and hot water.


All odors can be removed from glass bottles or earthen vessels by filling them with cold water in which soda has been dissolved.


Soda and Chloride of Lime will bleach cotton cloth.


If grease is dropped on the kitchen flour put soda on it, then pour on boiling water and the spot will come out easily.

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