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How to Juice Fruit

March 25, 2017

How to Juice Fruit


Use a 3 piece Steamer Juicer


You simply fill the bottom piece to the level line with water, then put your fruit, unpeeled or seeded into the top basket with lid over the juicer middle section and heat on high.   Juice will come out the side in the draining tube into waiting jars or kettle.


You may mash fruit in the strainer for more juice, but in doing so you may have to strain the juice later before jellying for a clear jelly.


This process takes about 45 minutes.   The less time and effort into making juice is remarkable.


Make sure to use sterile jars.   After jar is full of juice, wipe the rim and seal with sterile lids and rings.


You will never go back to the Old Way Again. . . .  My Mother told me that and she was right.


If your fruit is frozen, thaw completely then put into the steamer juicer.

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