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Salt Dough Handprint and Ornaments

December 3, 2016

Salt Dough Handprint and Ornaments

1 cup flour
1 cup salt
1/2 cup water
Food coloring, optional

Mix flour and salt in a large bowl; add water, food coloring is using and knead until smooth; shape into ball.

Roll or press out, cut into desired shapes with cookie cutters. Use a large wide mouth lid for a gallon size jar for hand prints.

Let sit out over night to dry.

Or bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees F. or 100 degrees C. until dry. For hand prints usually about 2 to 3 hours. For ornaments, depending on how thick they are usually about an hour.

Paint with ceramic or other paints, let dry and spray with clear sealant, let dry.

Tie a ribbon on each ornament for easy hanging.

Have fun now!

Posted by The Deedol Collection….aka Granny’s Favorites Cookbooks


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